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The music and entertainment industry in South Africa is expanding and getting more demanding every day. It is a highly competitive industry, that require most attention and much dedication at all times.

With an up to date knowledge of the latest products and techniques coupled with an attitude that makes your clients feel special you are sure to get more clients.
The above relate to both Government and Private Institutions, corporation to individuals, nationally and international.

Our short-term objective is to attract, obtain and maintain a market share that is within our capacity and capability. This should not be seen as a limitation as in the medium term we plan to increase our capacity and the market share.


To be the most preferred independent label, nationally and internationally, in order to serve as a platform for artists.


To be the most preferred service provider of quality music services and products at
reasonable prices within the entertainment industry.


DJ Xtee

The God gifted talent started to show back in 2004 from school, whenever there was an event Kagiso Mokgari would always excel, placing him in first positions at all times. Drama, choir, poetry and music were his favourites even today. He realized that art was his gift from The Most High. Kagiso Mokgari (Djxtee) originates from Tembisa he made a run since 2004 busy learning the basics of production, with production software being the very first thing he learnt. After few years, he went on learning to play various music instruments. Today after 10 years of experience in the industry, DJXtee has managed to push his production to the next level. Working with various artists local and international such as lemogang mahlangu (Lims), Palesa Moatshe, Dumisane Nkosi (Dumarokar), Nubia Soul and many more. Whereas on the international platform he worked with Anthony Delpiano from Italy, Dj vibes from UK, Ferry Terry from Italy. DJXtee’s production also got both thumbs up from some of South Africa’s music Pioneers especially House Music  the likes of DJ Clive Bean, Dj Qt, Dj kanunu and Thulane the warrior and this includes the mixes he did for Piratebrain Records and audiobites Records, the artists who are under such labels are Mr V, David Moore and Roland Clark

Kagiso Mokgari (Djxtee) released 4 “Deep House promo tracks” with international artists last year (2014). This tracks got 6700 Downloads under various music websites. And more is still to come featuring local upcoming artists and producers across Mzansi. Kagiso Mokgari is a very outgoing, out spoken and very friendly person that loves to interact with young people using his motivational skills to help alter their way of thinking and build a positive future for themselves. Music is the only language that he understands clearly, reasons being that he knows it brings people of different cultures together.

What type of music I produce? People ask DJXtee this question often; his answer would always be “any feeling that I can translate into a beat I simply do it”. Restrictions do not exist in this sought after DJ/ Producer.  Better yet House Music is the specific genre that he loves producing specifically specialising on Deep, tribal, Soulful, Dance, and electronic, jazz house and broken with an exception of classical/soulful hip hop also known as conscious since he was heavily involved in it back in 2004. Djxtee is featured as music expect in a show named the spotlight show screening soon under Open view decoder. His anticipated EP entitled Africa Elements Vol. 1 which features the likes of Dumarokar, Lims and Nubia Soul has been released under ARON PRINCE ENTERTAINMET from the grounds of New York. African Elements Vol.1 was recently featured on several international compilations such as smooth and groovy vol.8, cut in deeper vol.1, Deep house to the club,My soulful Sunday vol.3 and sommergeschichte-3 after weeks charting on Traxsource not excluding  Deeper House of Shades which featured  a deep house mix from David Moore’s current EP “it’s time to think” . His work has propelled him forward exposing him to more influential musicians around the world 


Apart from music Djxtee went on to study IT Internet Engineering/Network management. After IT he went to study Sound Engineering. He also took a short course to study business management, which would later place him in the position of Entrepreneurship, owning and being CEO of his very own record label DEEPFAM RECORDS. Music remains the heart and soul of his life



Onika Elnathan Dada is a singer; poet and songwriter also known as Nubia Soul. Due to Onika’s descendant background from Southern Africa tracing to the Northern parts of Africa, she has embraced her diversity as an African child. Through her singing, spoken word of poetry and blogging about the continent’s pride, riches, wealth, moral values and culture that has faded away throughout the course of history, she is sounding the call as Nubia Soul for all Africans to embrace and accept who and what they are.

Originally, an African whose geo political location is South Africa Onika grew up in Johannesburg Soweto where she was exposed to a diverse culture and different languages. She was hyperactive and full of mischief, from time to time, she would get herself into trouble and her parents’ form of punishment either was a hiding or made her to rehearse with the choir, which her dad was conducting. She didn’t like the hiding as any normal child would not, she constantly choose choir rehearsal as her chosen form of punishment; for Onika the choir rehearsals were excruciatingly painful and boring because they were too formal and the musical language sounded gibberish to her, all she could think about during the rehearsals was the playground and her friends. Music grew within her overtime as she would often go outside to sing one of Whitney Houston’s songs “I will always love you” and that changed the course of her life as she started to pay close attention to all musical genres locally and internationally.

In high school, Onika continued with her passion and interest in music by singing in a school choir and informally being an MC as a rapper by engaging in rap freestyles and battles to which she was declared as an undisputed champion of freestyle rap in Dinwiddie High in Germiston. Her favorite subject was English and literacy, which she used to improve her free styling and win battles. Towards the end of her high school days, she slowly drifted from being an MC to being a poet and a writer. Choir, rap freestyling and writing poetry, these has prepared Onika to become Nubia Soul, at a later stage after high school she began having an interest in recording an album but she faced major obstacles with music producers ripping her off and not getting back her music art that she recorded.

During the introduction of mobile iPad and tablet device phenomenon, she also owned an iPad to which she used it to produce beats for herself by using the Application called “Garage Band” and later overlaid her singing voice and backing vocals. She recorded the album with 12 tracks by solely using an iPad application from start to finish to which she named the album ” Rise ” and it was indeed a beginning of her “Rising” in trying to make a mark in the music industry, she then circulated her first unofficial album to her friends and family for feedback. To which most people were amazed that the album was recorded by using a small device such as an iPad to produce an album that is almost professional. Towards the end of the year 2012 she then properly went to a professional studio to record her debut Album and later it was released in May 2013 the album did not do well as expected but the media was interested in her as an artist.  The theme voice of Nubia Soul is to instil love within oneself, to appreciate the diversity of African people and bringing back its pride. In 2015 after going through a series of traumatic experiences Nubia Soul took a break to heal, embrace the changes that came with the experiences both good and bad, restructure her function as an artist and a spiritual being. She then met with a vocal coach and put in the work to become one of the best vocalists to come out of Africa. She revisited books to maximize her lyrical content and surrounded herself with likeminded people such as herself.

Music is a universal language to which Nubia Soul employed to instill back the African pride and Poetry is the foundation and platform of echoing voices of principles that revives humanity. Nubia Soul continually perfects her craft holistically as an African child by singing and doing poetry and live performances.


Dumarokar Bio


Dumisane Nkosi praise worthy artist who goes by the name “Dumarokar” is a man whose roots are deeply rooted in his faith being the reason that he comes from a strictly religious family background. Stemming from  Klipgat,  He grew up living in a full house consisting of his late mother, Grandparents late Grandparents and Siblings; and that in steady structure encouraged him to be a God fearing Man. Dumisane’s late mother loved bursting into song on every occasion and his late father was an artist in his own right, by this cause it indirectly influenced Dumisane and he too followed suit which in the end caused him to love for music just as much with such unexplainable passion for it. One day in his ripe time as he thought, had a dream of one day having to release his own material to the rest of the world. 


He started mimicking the most popular television host Venolia Mashigo who was at that time on jam ally. As time passed, he became serious in his journey and joined a group called KASI FUNCTION where he met Kagiso Mokgari also known as DJXtee. That brotherly bond grew even stronger even though along the way Kasi Function started to dissolve; Dumisane and DJXtee continued to work together in a series of songs such as “Ntombazane” and “Mamzee” which is soon to be released worldwide under ARON PRINCE ENTERTAINMENT and DEEPFAM RECORDS.


He also had an opportunity to work with other artists who had the same interests in music such as Jay Sax (From Afrikan Roots), Lims on a track entitled “treat her right” and “Uniting Africa” a reggae track with Tizurs , Uncle Funky and Lims which will also be released under DEEPFAM RECORDS.Dumisane believes that music without a massage is not worth listening to and that philosophy gives him see music as a way of healing souls only if the recipient understands the message he delivers through song. As a songwriter and vocalist, he does not have a specific gender in music.


Dumisane is a self-motivated artist n through his music that he express his feelings, his music is aimed at motivating youth into embracing love and aim for nothing but the best in life. He is currently a co-owner and MD of a found label DEEPFAM RECORDS alongside his partners Kagiso Mokgari (DJXtee) and Onica Elnathan Sidu (Nubia Soul).

Tizurs Blaze

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Thabo Mguni also known as Tizurs Blaze was born on the 23 rd of December in a township well known as Mabopane in Pretoria. A son loved by both parents Lydia and Sonengeni he grew up in the presence of his grandparents, their teachings and guidance shaped Thabo to be the kind of man that he is unapologetically honest in his approach and views to life.

 Tizurs was into music because it was his way of escaping the harsh realities he had to face on a daily, he expressed his thoughts and feelings through spoken word which made him skillful in his delivery his words painted pictures in one’s mind so that they are able to understand his world as he sees it raw and uncut. In 2004 while doing his 8th grade at Fumane high school, which is situated in Klipgat Thabo, met Dumarokar and DJXtee and a few others who were into the art of music of which later Ghetto Function being the name of the group was born and within that same year they recorded their first track entitled “Crazy life”

Tizurs went through hardships as a young ambitious man growing in an environment where conditions were not favorable for an ordinary black man in this era. He persevered through high school knowing that one day he will fulfil his dream of becoming a Rap artist who tells conscious unfiltered stories. In 2011 tragic struck his family were he lost his brother to a chronic illness his brother was the thread that held the family together, that alone made Tizurs and his family struggle to come to terms with his death; and financially they struggled but that fueled the fire that blazed violently in Thabo’s spirit. Thabo looked for other means to provide for his family He went on to look for employment in retail. After 3 years into retail he got fired and his reasons were that “his heart was not in it” which his bosses perceived that as underperforming, little did he know that the experience would prepare him for the world stage where he would serve the masses with good music. 


Thabo did not sit around and complain he decided to open up a car wash business in Mabopane, which still operates until today. Thabo is motivated by his family and son to wake up on a daily to do what he does best to make sure provides a better life not only for himself but for his family and son whom he cherishes. Tizurs became demotivated overtime, which resulted in him lapsing into depression due to hopelessness, and the systematic pressures that affect a black man on a daily basis. DJXtee who is owner and Founder of a Record label DeepFam records sought after Tizurs and rekindled the spirit of hip-hop in him and he recorded his first single ft. Nubia Soul entitled calling which is well received by the masses. His philosophy is “Let Life be” which to him encourages him to face each challenge with wisdom and sober judgement.

lims BIO


His formal name is Lemogang Mahlangu, also informally known by his friends and followers as LIMS. He is a singer, songwriter and poet from Klipgat near Mabopane located in Pretoria. He comes from a moderate family in terms of the number of members within, and the means by which they live. Lims was raised by both parents and his maternal grandmother, and have only one sibling, his older sister Tsholofelo.

Lemohang grew up as one that was active in many extracurricular activities during his school years. He enjoyed athletics, soccer and music, still active in many such activities to date. After completing his matric at Ngaka Maseko high in the year 2008, he then became a member of an acapella singing group called “Digarepa”, meaning “Harps”. It is a group from which Lims had an opportunity to learn from an older, musically talented Rasta man, whom they referred to as bra S’bu. He was the founder of the group.

Lemogang’s interest in music and singing was then heightened because of the unique sound I had learned from this soulful group. I was introduced into a culture of singing in street corners, melodies that got them a lot of attention from their peers, community and family members. Due to the reality of having different responsibilities in their individual lives, the group separated.

He sang with a few other groups afterwards; the most memorable being Reflex Praise, which is the best Gospel choir in Tshwane, according to his standards. Amongst other things, Lims is also an avid reader who is very much interested in African history and culture. Because of this passion for acquiring African centered knowledge, it then dawned on him that he had the responsibility of bringing to attention the truth and beauty of diverse African cultures to his peers and the generation that came after him, and also the wisdom passed down to us by our forefathers.

The aforementioned responsibility is carried out through the lyrics Lims sings and his poetry. Honestly speaking, he never regarded himself as a poet until he became an artist at DeepFam Records. It was at this point that it was realized that, because of his reading habits, his writing style allowed him to be a good storyteller; and it was because of this realization that he was led to poetry.   

Lemogang’s first priority as an artist is not only to entertain, but also to represent or share his views freely; purposely aiming to revive the glory of African heritage. He is a gentleman’s gentleman full of friendliness, empathetic, respectful, a good measure of energy. He is open-minded and love sharing knowledge.


Deepfam Records Booking Agency

Meet Sheridan Rupert   – a music industry professional obsessed with people development and systems

Sheridan Rupert is a music industry consultant, promoter and booking agent in Durban, South Africa. A qualified classical pianist with an inherent interest in the development of people and systems.

She spent the first 16 years of her career working in the private sector in a training & development role and switched industries in 2015 to apply these competencies in the music industry, first as an artist manager and now as consultant.

Her biggest passion is the underground musician who doesn’t know how to start and where the biggest pitfalls are and her biggest desire is to make alleviate the depression and poverty in the music industry.

She enjoys simplifying over complicated processes and designing career plans and milestones for artists. Her focus is not on the artist blowing up, but ensuring that they develop holistically as a human being and entrepreneur and be psychologically prepared to cope in the music industry.


Favorite quote: Stay in your lane – Be so focused on working on your own dreams and career, that you don’t have time to focus on others unless you are learning from them or helping them.

She’s now in partnership with Deepfam records, handling bookings and doing some promotions for the label


Facebook personal: https://www.facebook.com/SheridanSlightEdgeEvents/

Facebook Company Page: https://www.facebook.com/SlightEdgeEvents/

Facebook Company Page: https://www.facebook.com/SlightEdgeMediaAndPromotions/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQJLqneNv67z0-cGH4vKfw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheridanrupert_slightedge/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheridanrupert/

Website: https://sheridanrupert.wixsite.com/slightedgeevents

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Deepfam Records Make up Artists

The Beautiful talented Pertunia Nomshato madonzela, best known as “Face Beat by Shadoh” she’s been in the make up business

since 2016, she’s a patient self taught make up artist. she deals with clients requiring her skills and abilities on a daily bases. she has worked with the following individuals that adds value

and a professional image to her business and her self as a brand. Itumeleng Mariri, Keitumetse Mathanyela, Mahalia (Founder of Sandora Virgin Hair) Gaby Ntshuntsha, Sphiwe Mncuba

Helliah Mphande etc. She developed the love of make up at an early age, but she wasn’t aware till she got a beauty consultant job  in 2016 at Edgas.  She has done a few events, Cocktail and make up, Youth day explosion, and spring taboo. She is passionate about make up, she always give her clients that high touch and that amazing experience.

Recently she was sported by Deepfam Records and Alcabulance Modeling Agency. She’s Currently handling all makeup duties for the Record label and the Agency.

Mike Candid Pic

Transference Records Sub label Manager 

Michael A Puskas has a proven thirty-six-year track record in the international entertainment industry and is the CEO and owner of Astral Records & Music, DEAD Famous Artists, MPM Artist Management, IKONIC Artists Ltd in Australia and around the world. Astral Records & Music Publishing is the holding company for the new youth brand and label, DEAD Famous Records and is a boutique label with an internationally based artist roster that boasts some twenty plus artists released worldwide from all over the globe.

In addition he was formerly published by Warner/Chappell in Scandinavia and is now a published writer and composer with MCS Music in the UK http://www.mcsmusic.com He is also proud of a strong and well established track record in music production for both artists and film and television scores. His most recent credits include music supervisor roles on Partisan Pictures latest feature, “Shattered” and “A Perfect Life” which is in post-production for Lions Gate Films in the US. He was also commissioned by Taffy Entertainment / Mike Young Productions based in LA to write and produce the opening theme for the new US animated children’s television series for Discovery Kids & Nickelodeon Worldwide entitled, “Growing up Creepie”. This cutting edge series is currently airing on ABC TV on the prime time kids format “Rollercoaster” and has been recently syndicated around the world. NEWSFLASH…Growing Up Creepie has been nominated for a prime time Emmy Award in 2007.

In addition, he produced some (75) plus original songs and demos for various local and international artists in various studios around the world. Some of these productions have been licensed into major Feature Film, Television and Advertising platforms around the world. These include without limitation the OC (WB), One Tree Hill (ABC), Greys Anatomy (CBS), Smallville (WB), The Horse Whisperer (Bravo), Room Raiders, Dismissed, Meet the Barkers, Punkd, Making the Band (MTV Networks), Oxygen (Clear Channel Cable), NRB (Fox Sports), XTV (Network Ten), The Cathouse (HBO), Shall We Dance (Universal Pictures), Fantastic Four (New Line Cinema), Audi (Germany), Pedia Medical Research (US), Barbie Horse Adventures (US), Ford Australia, Virgin Airlines (UK), Foxtel Cable Channel, Masters Of Horror (Cable Series / Showtime Networks) and many more.

Michaels major partners and associates around the world include without limitation, APM Music, Indie911 Licensing, Blue Buddha Entertainment (US), Pump Audio NY (US), Music Supervisor.com (US), Flashpoint Productions (UK), Lucki Ent / Top Talent (US), 20th Century Fox (US), Buena Vista Home Video (US), HBO (US), CBS / Paramount Television, NBC / Universal Television, Warner Bros Television, Viva Music Networks (Europe), MTV/VH1 Networks (US), Partisan Pictures (Aust), Sinovoi Entertainment (US), Rafelson Media (US), Channel 4 (UK), WMA (US), PIG Factory (UK), Warner/Chappell Music (Scandinavia), Spirit Music (US), IAC Music (US), Sound & Vision (US), Teletunez / Warner Bros TV (US) etc.

Most recently Michael has signed on as Music Supervisor for the new children’s fantasy style series entitled, “Callabar Stoneage Warrior” which is slated for production for a national network in Australia in the latter half of 2008.

 He also confirmed the role of music supervisor on the Partisan Pictures feature, “Shattered” which is in post-production for the company and seeking both domestic and international distribution at the moment. For more visit the websites. In recent times he has been approached by some Hollywood Studios in the capacity of Music Supervisor and Composer for Gramercy Pictures, Regency Enterprises, Parallel Pictures, New Line Cinema among others. He works as a producer in various studios around the world and is known for his co-writing, arranging and production skills where his work with various labels has earned him some quality nominations in various markets around the globe.

He has most recently partnered with Platinum Producer, Stuart Epps (led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bill Wyman, Oasis, Twisted Sister) etc and continues to field offers for his skills having just recently returned from the UK again where he was responsible for the production and mixing of major albums and singles for, Amelia Bloom, The Art Nova and Danni Evie. Having worked alongside David Wrench (Wales producer of the year in 2007) and Laurie Gane, ex Yardbirds and owner of the prestigious Bryn Derwen Studios in Bethesda Wales.

I measure my wholeness by transmuting all that no longer serves with love

Sub labels

The following are our respected sub labels 

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Deepfam records very own sub label that focuses entirely on releasing gospel music

Deepfam records very own sub label that focuses entirely on releasing gospel musi

Deepfam Records very own sub label that focus on releasing conscious meditation music, Pop music, electronic dance music, rock music and heavy metal


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Deepfam Records very own sub label that focuses on releasing conscious Reggae Music.
Ruff Life Records
Deepfam Records very own sub label that focus mainly on new age Hip Hop.